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  • ​KNOW THYSELF: Self-awareness is one of the key emotional intelligence skills. Those who are self-aware know their strengths and weaknesses and can manage their emotions. They understand how their words and actions affect others, and they make choices accordingly. Because they're tuned in to their own feelings, they're also better able to read other people's emotions. As a result, self-aware people tend to be more successful in relationships, both personal and professional.
  • TAKE CONTROLA self-management certification will help you learn how to control your emotions, set boundaries, and stay calm under pressure. You'll be able to manage your own emotions better and relate to others more effectively.
  • BE MORE EMPATHETIC: If you’re looking to increase your emotional intelligence, certification in empathy and social awareness can help. With training, you can learn how to read people’s emotions and respond accordingly. This can be beneficial in both personal and professional relationships. In addition, knowing how to manage your own emotions can lead to a more positive outlook on life.
  • STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS: A strong emotional intelligence can help you to better understand yourself and those around you, setting the foundation for long-term, meaningful relationships. You will learn practical strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships with the people who matter most to you.


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Bob is the author of Mind Matters: Applying Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Professional Success and the founder of Success Dynamics International, the original provider of the EIQ-2™ emotional intelligence learning and performance development systems and emotional intelligence certification.

Dr. Lashley



Dr. Lashley is an expert team culture strategist who has dedicated her life to helping leaders who are struggling with making time for family achieve a harmonious life while leveraging technology and media so they can live the lifestyle of their dreams.


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We help family, organization, and community leaders become experts in Emotional Intelligence, leadership, and team dynamics.

We lead the field in Emotional Intelligence, leadership, and team dynamics training and certifications.

Our services include a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes an action plan.

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All programs at HEARTfelt stems from the book "Mind Matters", which was written by Bob Jerus. The testimonies are from the readers of the book.

"All EI Experts Need This"

Mind Matters is an extensive source of EI content. Anyone working in this areas should have this resource at their fingertips.

Managing Partner, PeopleNRG

"Improve Well-Being"

Mind Matters provides important insights for anyone seeking to be smarter with feelings. It provides evidence for the importance of emotional intelligence.

CEO, Six Seconds

"Practical and Powerful"

Superb guide for leaders, trainers, coaches, and practitioners interested in helping others develop their Emotional Intelligence.

- Brigadier General, JOHN E. MICHEL
Co-Founder & Senior Curator, The General Leadership Foundation

HI-EQ Self Recognition Diagram.png
HI-EQ Self Recognition Diagram.png


Mindful Momentum

  Mastering Self-Awareness to be the Best You Possible

  • Self-Awareness/Understanding: a conscious, deliberate reflection on personal identity, image, feelings, motives, desires & how these are associated with perceptions of self in the context of various situations. Empathy & understanding of self. Knowing why emotions occur. Being authentic
  • Connections of Cause & Effect: recognition of the impact & consequence of behaviors on feelings & moods; separating external & internal factors effecting emotions. Knowing how feelings relate to performance.
  • Self-Appreciation, Acceptance & Confidence: development of self-esteem; personal worth & value; & coming to grips with personal attributes. Recognizing personal strengths, weaknesses, & limitations. Operating with realistic self-assurance.
  • Consciousness, Assertiveness: intentional establishment of personal boundaries & appropriate limits; choosing a path that expresses self-worth through personal care & outward presentation (presence)
  • motional Identification: ability to identify & name personal feelings; vocabulary & definition of emotions allowing choices, responses & performance; effective reflection on intrapersonal information.
HI-EQ Self Management Diagram.png
HI-EQ Self Management Diagram.png


Focusing on Success

Self-Management to Achieve Elevation

  • Self-Control, Discipline: effectively handling impulses; maintaining composure while experiencing stressful, trying emotions; managing preparation & performance; actively choosing paths; self-directing; the ability to emotionally persist to achieve strategic objectives.
  • Goal-Directed Performance, Targeted Action: focus to achieve long term desired goals; emotional tenacity & persistence; drive to choose challenging objectives & assume acceptable risk; staying the course to completion; resilience in the face of obstacles & setbacks; seizing opportunities.
  • Integrity, Trustworthiness: the ability to work with conscience, ethics & integrity; operating with personal standards, principles & values; being dependable, reliable & authentic; keeping promises & assuming personal responsibility.
  • Motivation, Positive Psychology, Initiative: self-energizing; the ability to be mentally & emotionally engaged; attitude; passion; choosing cause & effect feelings; being responsible for personal success; acting & choosing feelings in accordance with positive emotions, optimism & constructive feelings; limiting negative emotions, patterns & spirals.
  • Creativity, Agility, Flexibility, Adaptability: coping with change, transition & development; adjusting to situations, relationships & feelings; handling curiosity & imagination to create, discover & explore opportunities; innovation for progress; cognitive & emotional shifts.
HI-EQ Social Recognition Diagram.png
HI-EQ Social Recognition Diagram.png

Social Recognition/Awareness

Resonance, Rapport, & Interpersonal Connection

  • Empathy, Sensitivity, Appreciation: understanding others; accurately picking up emotional cues from communication (including words, tone and nonverbal signals); managing direct and indirect feedback effectively; being attentive, sensitive, aware and appreciative of the emotional signals of others.
  • Service, Compassion, Benevolence: operating with a sense of contribution; aiding, helping, coaching and developing others; giving; operating constructively to contribute to the emotional states and benefits of others; recognizing needs, wants and desires; relating to alternative thoughts, perceptions and perspectives.
  • Holistic Communication: the abilities to effectively send and receive information including emotional content; listening; engaging and connecting with others; sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal signals constructively.
  • Situational Perceptual Awareness: recognizing and processing dynamic, shifting emotional data; communicating attention, focus, awareness and connection; adapting to situational variables and changes; understanding which factors count, how much and responding with reasonable behavior.
  • Interpersonal Development: growing and nurturing constructive connections; setting the tone for long term depth and breadth in relationships; working with quality in personal and professional relations; having resonance and rapport.
HI-EQ Social Management Diagram.png
HI-EQ Social Management Diagram.png

Social/Relationship Management

Extraordinary Relationships

The Power of Connection

  • Developing Relationships, Getting Along with Others: cultivating, nurturing and maintaining long term personal and professional relationships; having quality connections and friendships.
  • Leadership and Influence: operating with warmth, likability, presence, charisma, and approachability; paying attention and focusing on results; being involved, engaging, passionate and powerful; showing deliberate persuasion; delivering solutions and success to others and to groups; partnering for targeted outcomes.
  • Change Catalyst and Response: recognizing the need for change and championing action; develop interpersonal skills and abilities; initiating growth and progress on individual, team and organizational levels; facilitating maturity and success. Focusing on eustress and positive outcomes.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management: bargains with abundance thinking for mutual gains; copes with conflict through positive proactive and reactive techniques; effectively deals with difficult people and situations; creates unity, balance and gain.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: builds bonds; transforms groups into teams; fosters unified, engaged effort; generates collaboration, cooperation, participation and high quality results; nurtures spirit de corps and the ability to develop synergy. Interpersonal emotional effectiveness.





Join a Team of EIQ Experts Who Are Changing Lives Globally!

Click the link below to learn more about joining the movement to changing the dynamics of families, organizations, and communities. We would love to have a meeting with you to provide more inforamtion on the ways that you can increase your impact Internationally.

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